Connecting People with that land that sustains us


Fourth of July float. Photo: Bruce Johnson photography, Cooperstown


Why do we care about the Otsego Region? To answer that, we'd have to show you the hills and valleys, the fields and forests, the waterways and wetlands that so many people have already worked so hard to protect. We'd also have to show you the many that remain unprotected and threatened by development or neglect. We'd have to take you on a nature walk with a volunteer interpreter or have you join a stewardship crew for an afternoon working to improve one of the many sites the Land Trust has helped protect over they years.

We would have to show you these things because they are what motivate us to do what we do and what motivates countless others to join us in our efforts. If you feel the same way—that the Otsego Region is special and deserves to be preserved for future generations, then why not get involved, as well? Check our calendar for up coming outings to discover one of the many places people like you have helped us protect. If you are a landowner, read about the ways we can work together to protect your land and your legacy to the region. If you have heard about a farm or a piece of land near your favorite stream or wetland, let us know. There are many ways to express your support, but they all begin with one thing—the desire to make a difference.

Donate. Your financial support is crucial if we are to going to continue to help protect the Otsego Region today and for future generations. A gift of any amount at any time of year enables us carry out our day-to-day activities and to work with our neighbors and partners to realize a vision of the Otsego Region that combines natural and human landscapes into a healthy, scenic and historic whole.

Plan Ahead. If you are interested in making a lasting contribution to the future of the Otsego Region, you might consider including the Otsego Land Trust in your estate plans. By merging your legacy with our own long-term commitment to the area, we can make a positive impact on the landscape for generations to come.

Volunteer. Join us for a day working in the field or at the office. You will meet and get to know others who are, like you, passionate about conservation and about the Otsego Region. Nothing builds a community faster than by giving a little of your time or your talent to helping build something that is as important to you as it is to your neighbors.

Partner. Our agency and business partners are an increasingly important part of our efforts to pursue collaborative solutions to local and national conservation problems. Contact us to learn more about how your organization can team up with or sponsor the Otsego Land Trust in order to be a part of those solutions right here at home.