Connecting People with that land that sustains us


Landscape Facts

Location: 6000 State Highway 80, West Lake Road, Cooperstown, New York
Conservation Area: Otsego Lake
Protected: October 2011
Size: 22 acres

Photo by Susan Rowland PhotographyThe Bridge at Brookwood PointPhoto by Susan Rowland Photography

When to Visit 

Brookwood Point is open to the public April through November, dawn until dusk.  Closed to regular access December through March.  

Visitors please park in the upper parking lot in front of the information kiosk.

Amenities, Features and Activities

Picnic areas, gardens, information kiosk, composting toilet, parking, dogs allowed, fishing, birding, wetland trail, ADA accessible trail, public access paddling

Canoe and Kayak Rentals and Sales will be on site Memorial Day through Labor Day (weather pending) for rentals. Please contact Canoe and Kayak Rentals and Sales for more information regarding rentals and hours of operation. 

Property Description

Otsego Land Trust took over stewardship of Brookwood Point in a 2011 merger with The Cook Foundation. OLT has worked with the community to acquire grants and other support including volunteer support to help maintain Brookwood's three acres of cultivated gardens.  Currently, OLT is working through both  Scenic Byways and National Park Service grants to enhance safety and access, including paddling access at Brookwood.  We hope to complete construction funded by these two grants by summer 2015. 

Over the past 100 years, Brookwood has fostered many pitter-pattering petite feet and young minds. From the seven Townsend children in the early 1900’s to the slews of SUNY interns and Clark Sports Center Adventure Camp kids of this past season, Brookwood is a place to roam and explore nature in all her glory.

Brookwood is unique in that it hosts a diversified ecosystem: meadows and fields, seasoned and young woods, wetlands, shorefront, lake, creek and historic cultivated gardens. Each component of the 22 acre property creates a different habitat, making Brookwood a melting pot of wildlife!

Brookwood is an outdoor classroom, brimming with opportunities for experiences in nature. Grab someone young, old or in between, and enjoy all Brookwood Point has to offer.

Events and Weddings

If you are interested in renting Brookwood Point for your event or wedding, give us a call at (607) 547- 2366 or e-mail

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