Connecting People with that land that sustains us



Volunteer with Otsego Land Trust

Interested in volunteering? You can be one of our champion volunteers that help protect our region, keeping the land healthy and the water clean.

Take a look at the options below, and when you are interested in helping out, feel free to give us a call at 607-547-2366 or email

Brookwood Garden
The gardens are located just 2 miles north of the village of Cooperstown.  Three acres of historic cultivated gardens reside at Brookwood Point.  With three acres of 100 year old Italianate Renaissance gardens to care for comes a lot of landscaping.  If you like to be outdoors with your hands in the dirt, then Brookwood Garden is the place for you!

  • Planting
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Pruning/Trimming
  • Mulching
  • Composting
  • Maintaining Walkways
Trail Blazer
OLT owns and stewards seven public access sites open for hiking, fishing, paddling and connecting with nature. These sites require routine work and stewardship to maintain healthy and viable wildlife habitats and safe public access to outdoor recreation and nature education.  So we host Tuesday Trail Nights.
Every to every other Tuesday evening from May through October we meet at a different site and complete some of the tasks below.  Want to help out, but often too busy?  That's OK, Tuesday Trail Nights are flexible, come when can, don't fret when you can't.

  • Cutting back vegetation along trails
  • Posting OLT property boundaries
  • Improving wet sections of trail
  • Erradicating invasive species 
Conservation Area Steward
Have more time and want more responsibility?  Adopt one of OLT's seven Conservation Areas and take care of it for a season.  Sound like a lot?  No worries, we give you all the training and tools necessary to do a great job and we are always here if you need back up.

  • Visiting conservation area regularly
  • Documenting and photographing any significant changes
  • Documenting anything of interest you see while stewarding
  • Completing any maintenance not completed by site's Tueday Trail Night crew
  • Completing and filing an end of season report
Conservation Easement Steward
This type of volunteer steward has the highest level of responsibility.  You will steward a few of OLT's 90 conservation easements.  You are granted access to the private land protected with an easement and will interface with the land owner.  Our relationships with easement donors are extremely important, you will need represent OLT well during your monitoring visits.  Protecting land with easements and stewarding that land is the core of what we do, you can be an integral part of it.

  • Work with Stewardship Manager to schedule monitoring visits you are responsible for
  • Landowner may accompany you on the visit  if they wish
  • Check all GPS way points and property boundaries
  • Document and photograph any significant changes 
  • Alert Stewardship Manager of any land owner plans to build in allowed areas, do a sustainable timber harvest, etc.
  • Complete and file an annual easement monitoring report
Springfield 4th of July Parade
OLT participates in the parade each year.  Kick off your July 4th celebration by being part of the historic parade with us!  We proudly hand out 1,500 native tree seedlings to thousands of spectators which requires lots of helping hands.

  • Help make banners for float on July 2nd
  • Wrap and tag tree seedlings on July 3rd
  • Decorate OLT's float and wheel barrows
  • Wield a wheel barrow full of seedlings, hand out seedlings, ride on float, march alongside
Events, Workshop and Hikes
Do you have a skill, talent, hobby or knowledge you'd like to share with others?  We consider all ideas for environmental and nature education programming.  We have lots of unique places for you to showcase your expertise: protected properties of very generous private landowners who partner with us to host hikes, workshops and paddles and our 7 Blueway public access sites. 
Representing OLT at Community Events
We are always looking for well-spoken, people-oriented folks with a true passion for the conservation work we do.  These people can help spread the word about our land protection mission by representing OLT at tabling events throughout the community.  Please contact Sara if you would like accompany her at an event and see what it's all about.  
Construction, Carpentry and Masonry
With 7 public access sites and a full schedule of public programming, we would love to have more "handy" men and women on our team.  We are conservationists, and while we wear many hats throughout the day, we are by no means general contractors, carpenters or masons.  However, our day to day tasks may require us to be.  If you have a vocational skill or know your way around power tools, we are in need of your expertise.
Office Projects
If the outdoors is not your thing or you are looking for a rainy day project, we've got you covered! Come hang out with us at our offices.  Organization and knowledge of computer applications are preferred, but we've got a task for anyone.  Since we hold conservation easements, we are in the business of perpetuity and legal documentation - and lots of it.  Filing, scanning, copying, documenting and recording data in several software programs are the short end of a long list.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and photos are one of the most effective ways to share what we do with the surrounding region.  Are you a shutter bug looking for inspiring subject matter?  Come to an OLT event and snap away at all the actions shots that are sure to happen or visit one of our Blueway sites and capture the serene images of the nature that encompasses you.  Then if you don't mind your images being shared via our website, flyers, publications and Facebook, email them over to, she'll make sure you get credit, where credit is due!